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I am an MISS who happens to be an AKA with a BS in Biology pursuing a DDS at Columbia with plans of one day becoming an MRS and later a MOM.

Why do I emphasize these titles? Because there is emphasis on titles. In career and culture, people are at ease when they can categorize you quickly. People are made more comfortable when they can situate you, summarize you and simplify who and what you are.

Do. Not. Let. Them.

For too long, the narratives of black bodies, and black women’s bodies have been a script doused with far more objective than subjective. That is to say, we are often left out of the discussion, and when we are permitted to offer consult on our condition as lesser beings, it is with limited commentary. I do not wish to argue politics or progress, mine is a simpler message.

Before you default to categorize, attempt to analyze.

I’ve said many times before that all I want is everything, and I don’t think that is too much to ask. The scripts being written for me by those too busy to consider my complexity pale in comparison to the volumes I have written for myself, but not by myself. I wear the garments hemmed and mended by many hands. I don the suit tailored and fitted by the wisdom and well-wishing of family, friends, mentors, strangers, and accidental enemy-turned admirers.

Instead of waiting for someone to decide your fate based on the limits of what they see, just try and define yourself by what you say. Speak life into yourself, your future and your fortune and just watch as the present is pressed into behaving the way that you have confidently commanded.